Gone are the days of time-consuming error-prone spreadsheets of historical sales data. Old school reports that needed to be requested, extracted, then massaged into a usable format before being presented to management are a thing of the past. By the time this process had taken place (days or weeks) the data was already out-of-date.

Sales analysis should be fast, simple and easy to consume. Automated sales analysis that is available to all relevant staff can bring insight, identify early market trends and help people make better-informed decisions.

Here are 5 reasons you need Sales Analysis

  1. It allows managers and reps to track and measure sales performance by territory, rep, product or customer.
  2. You can easily compare KPI’s between territories.
  3. It can lead to improved territory planning, allowing better allocation of resources.
  4. It can help you identify cost blowouts and increase revenue.
  5. It gives reps the tools they need to target customers proactively, rather than only reporting past interactions.

Imagine having access to all of your relevant sales data in one place!

Automated Sales Analysis can help you answer simple business critical questions in a timely manner. If receiving your sales report, as a weekly email is enough for you to keep your finger on the pulse we can make that happen too.

Satsumas can help you interact directly with your sales data by tapping on your smartphone or tablet at the end of each sales day. This could allow you to better understand current market trends, identify sales spikes or slumps and allocate resources to profitable projects.


  1. Can you easily and quickly generate reports or dashboards across multiple data sources?
  2. How accurate is your sales and customer engagement reporting? Is this reporting readily available to reps, regional sales departments and head office?
  3. Do you have immediate access to territory and project performance?

Satsumas can help you get access to the answers that are lying dormant within your company’s data.

Contact us to discuss how data analytics can increase sales in your business.

About Satsumas

We are focused on solving business problems where complex data is involved. We deliver business intelligence solutions using intuitive visualisations to support data driven decisions through data discovery and self-service analytics.

Satsumas have worked with financial, pharmaceutical, utility, retail and mining companies and understand the challenges you need to overcome.

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