Satsumas recently had the opportunity to work with a leading Australian mutual bank, Teachers Mutual Bank (TMB) to help them improve their access to company data. They did not have a quick and reliable reporting system and instead were relied on manual reporting to get a monthly overview of how the bank was performing. With impending mergers and consolidation in the mutual bank space, TMB wanted to have reliable access to their data so that they could ask business-critical questions.

Reports were run at the end of each month by the business but timely analysis was difficult as it took 5-10 days after month end to generate a report. By then, the data was becoming outdated, and the opportunities for immediate action were lost. Management decision-making was limited by out-of-date information as report generation time was lengthy.

Read in more detail how Satsumas was able to help TMB

  • Get immediate access to current data
  • Slice and dice their company data
  • Realise the benefits of data maturity

Download and read this comprehensive case study by clicking here  Satsumas TMB Mutual Bank Case Study October 2016 (386 downloads) .

By leveraging TMB’s data warehouse Satsumas helped TMB turn their data into Smart Data. Having access to a highly visual and easy-to-use self-service Analytics Dashboard has enabled key personnel to access information in a timely manner. The self-service aspect of the analytics solution has enabled staff to ask more insightful questions of the business. TMB is now a forward-looking organisation.

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Satsumas TMB Mutual Bank Case Study October 2016 (386 downloads)


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