Satsumas had the opportunity to work with a leading Australian pharmaceutical company to help them improve their access to company data. They did not have a quick and reliable sales reporting and analytical solution.

Monthly reports were run by I.T. and took 2-4 days to complete. This data was manually processed in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and was prone to errors (due to the manual process). As the company matured and their data collection increased, they required faster access to reliable data relating to sales to enable quicker and better-informed decisions.

Read in more detail how Satsumas was able to help this leading pharmaceutical company get a better understanding if their company’s data by…

  • Tracking product success
  • Following the market
  • Supporting their sales team

Download and read this comprehensive case study by clicking here Satsumas Leading Pharmaceutical Company Case Study 2016 (314 downloads) .

After working with Satsumas the company was able to cut down reporting time from days/weeks to any time reporting. They empowered their sales force with dashboard reporting and integrated their sales data with key operational objectives. They also saved time and money by identifying projects and products that were not profitable and were able to better use the time of staff who used to run out-dated manual reports.

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Satsumas Leading Pharmaceutical Company Case Study 2016 (314 downloads)


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