The best sales managers know they need ready access to your companies sales data could give them the answers they need to increase sales.

Sales managers are the buffer between senior management and the sales force; responsible for meeting ever-increasing sales targets, ensuring sales personnel receive relevant training and predicting sales forecasts. The roles and responsibilities of sales managers and their reps are changing as quickly as the market.

Wouldn’t it be great if ALL of your sales data was readily available at any time and on multiple devices? By using highly visual business intelligence solutions, Satsumas can help your company collect and analyse sales and marketing activities with respect to sales objectives.

Access to relevant sales data can help sales managers better manage:

  • Sales forecasting: accessing reliable sales data and analysing actual sales trends by territory, individual or product, allows for faster and more accurate sales forecasting.
  • Sales rep visibility: if reps have visibility of their own sales and activities you are giving them an insight into their own performance. This allows them to focus on priority sales to ensure they meet and beat sales targets. Managers can also see sales reps activities and can ensure they are managing time efficiently and servicing their entire territory.
  • Precision sales tracking: access to real sales results when needed and not just at the end of a reporting period allows sales managers to identify high performing reps, enabling them to figure out what they are doing right.
  • Identifying underachievers: sales managers can quickly identify underperforming sales reps, take action to identify weaknesses and provide appropriate support and coaching.
  • Learning from mistakes: advanced sales analytics can help you identify territories that are not performing, problems in product messaging and market shifts allowing you to save money.
  • Fostering a Team-Based selling approach: by highlighting team/territory results, and not just individuals results you can motivate reps to not only ‘win’ in their territory but support their colleges to ‘win’ over rival territories.

Accurate sales forecasting is time consuming for sales managers and having access to up-to-date sales data can dramatically reduce the time they spend forecasting every month. Being able to reference sales data via a well-designed dashboard can give anyone with access an immediate overview of how the company, sales teams, products and campaigns are performing, leading to insight and understanding. Better understanding can lead to more sales. Satsumas can help sales managers improve their management activities, including forecasting, tracking of sales performance against goals and monitoring sales reps sales and territory coverage.

Giving your sales team access to data relating to their own territory can give them insight and independence to plan and perform better while out on the road. Being able to identify physicians or regions that require more time and attention can lead to increased sales.

Having ready access to relevant sales and territory data via an easy to use dashboard can give sales managers insight into what is going right now and what needs to be addressed within their sales force.

Satsumas have worked with other pharmaceutical companies and understands your need to simplify workflows, track sales and clarify complex data analysis. Talk to our team today and find out how data analytics and visualisation can help your sales managers meet sales targets and grow your market share.

About Satsumas

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