Ferring Pharmaceuticals, a global research driven biopharmaceutical company has dramatically reduced the time they spent creating reports by using a dashboard analytics solution. In doing so they have aggregated data from different sources into one single analytical interface.

The company has grown quickly in recent years and plans to expand further. It was important for the company to be able to overcome the challenge of analysing the massive amount of data collected across the sales and marketing departments. The company needed a solution that pulled together this vast data into one simple, easy to analyse dashboard enabling personnel to quickly make decisions based on facts and insight rather than guesswork and instinct.

Ferring started out with an application reporting on sales execution plans for their sales analysts and regional distributors. The versatility of the application allowed customised dashboards that enabled them to better manage their clients and as a result, increase sales.

The company needed a solution that could handle large amounts of data and they wanted to be able to customise their analytical dashboards and reports to quickly get the information they needed in one interface. They chose to work with Qlik’s dashboard analytics technology and a Qlik partner in their region (Russia).

Satsumas are a Qlik partner in Australia and are experts in helping companies get the most out of their data by customising Qlik software to meet the client’s needs.

In addition, Ferring’s Salesforce data was easily integrated into the dashboard which helped speed up the improvements in CRM analytics, business visibility and collaboration within the organisation. Data from Salesforce can be integrated into Qlik’s software along with other external data sources such as realized sales forecasts and performance against plan, as well as the analytics activates of medical sales reps. This allowed managers to monitor the dynamics of sales for each product line across regions, as well as the impact of marketing activities on sales.

As a result of rolling out an intuitive and easy to use analytics dashboard, the company have consolidated data sources from the CRM-system into a single interface resulting in an increase in data quality. In addition to being able to customise their reporting, the company can produce reports 80% faster saving many working hours that can be better allocated to improving company performance.

Satsumas specialise in helping companies get fast and easy access to their data, turning their data into Smart Data.


Smart Data is data from which insights and patterns have been extracted by intelligent algorithms. Collecting large amounts of numbers and statistics brings little insight without a layer of added intelligence… that’s how Business Intelligence can quickly answer your business questions.


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