Pharmaceutical companies spend “big bucks” training their sales force in negotiation, presentation skills, psychology and sales excellence to maximise sales and profits. At the end of the day it’s great time management and knowing where to best spend time that is the key to a sales reps success. Every day is filled with meetings, and sales reps that know more about their physicians or customers before stepping in the door can give them a competitive advantage.

Business intelligence can help sales reps be more empowered by using data represented in easy to interpret visuals on a dashboard to answer their own questions.

Until now the analysis of sales data was slow, cumbersome, inflexible and required specialist training. With the introduction of dashboard analytics anyone with access and a computer, tablet or smart phone can be their own analyst.

Sales reps already carry iPads or tablets with them… this is all they need to have ready access to a sales dashboard that can deliver insight, allowing them to track physician performance/sentiment and have all relevant information at hand before a meeting.

What questions can sales reps ask to improve sales performance:

  • How can I better manage my time and resources to maximise sales?
  • What is my sales performance to date overall, by region, product or physician/customer?
  • Which product sells best by region and why?
  • How many visits are required to develop a good working relationship with a physician/customer?
  • Which physicians/customers have not been seen in a while?
  • Who are my top and low performing physicians/customers and can I identify what has lead to success or failure?
  • Which physicians/customers can be champions or influencers for my product?
  • Are any locations, customers, physicians or products not performing in my territory?
  • Can I identify drivers, trends and outliers within my territory?

By answering these questions prior to visiting the physician/customer, sales reps are better equipped to get the most out of each meeting.

At the end of the day, your sales team don’t care where the data is coming from, all they want is the information they need to make better decisions and make them faster. The less time a sales rep spends preparing for calls or reading cumbersome old school monthly reports the more time they have for face-to-face contact with physicians and customers. More visits = more sales.

Allow your sales reps to track and analyse their own performance with total autonomy – give them an easy to navigate sales analytics tool that gives them all of the data and insight they need to meet and beat sales targets.

Training is easy

The dashboard provided by Satsumas is so easy to use that training is much easier than you would expect.

You do not need to engage professional trainers and sacrifice half a day of productive work. Instead, begin by showing sales managers how to use the dashboard and they can intern teach their sales force. It is so intuitive and simple that it only takes minutes to become get familiarised..

You’re not really teaching them how to use the software – that comes naturally – it’s more about teaching them what questions they can ask of the data so that they can find their own insights. Sales reps readily adopt this reporting tool out of a desire to be better informed and get more sales.

It’s the ease of use and the intuitive nature of dashboard reporting that makes adoption of this technology so successful.

First the sales reps, what’s next?

Once the benefits of ‘self service’ data analytics is felt in the sales and marketing departments it is often extended into other departments such as R&D, warehousing and distribution, risk and regulation with each department getting their own segmented slice of data.

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