Our Approach

Whether we are discussing business needs, creating solutions, or delivering services, our User Centered Approach typifies how we engage with customers and where we focus outcomes.

Whilst a technology solution is often a key outcome, we strongly believe that focusing on the needs of users (from senior management to admin staff) will deliver more effective business driven outcomes that engage people and improve performance.

A User Centred Approach to BI

Focusing on the needs of the user community informs every aspect of a Business Intelligence (BI) solution. Whether that be understanding the key business drivers, identifying and analysing data sources, determining the required metrics, or designing intuitive dashboards, the users experience is continually taken into consideration.

Whilst everyone loves a dashboard, our Data Specialists and UX Designers will work closely with your team to ensure the solution you get is the solution you need.

User Centered Design (UCD) is a process in which the needs, goals and ideas of the user are considered at each stage of the project; from investigating what data is required through to the visualisations that best communicate insights.

Case studies

We have helped many clients achieve great success by implementing a company wide Data Strategy. Here are a few case that show how we have helped clients work more efficiently and make better business decisions.

Case Study: Leading Mutual Bank – TMB

Satsumas recently had the opportunity to work with a leading Australian mutual bank, Teachers Mutual Bank (TMB) to help them improve their access to company data...

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Case Study: Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Satsumas had the opportunity to work with a leading Australian pharmaceutical company to help them improve their access to company data. They did not have a quick and reliable sales reporting and analytical solution...

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“In providing us with highly innovative and creative advice, Satsuma have saved staff many hours per week.”
– Yamaha