The Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries are among the most tightly regulated manufacturing and distribution sectors. Keeping track of your company’s compliance can be a challenging and time-consuming endeavour, however it is essential for your company’s future success.

Traditional reporting meant that a week or two after the ‘end-of-month’ a report would be generated. This report, usually in the form of a spreadsheet, requires time and concentration to interpret any risks or compliance breaches by the company.

A highly visual and interactive dashboard is a better way to track regulatory compliance. Dials and graphics allow you to instantly see areas of non-compliance at a glance before they become a big problem.

Having access to a reporting dashboard that can instantly flag internal and external reporting compliance issues in real-time can be a huge administrative and cost saving tool. Waiting until the end of a reporting period can be too late for some breaches, by referring to your Risk and Regulation dashboard you can be made aware of potential problems on your desktop computer, tablet or smart phone.

It is easy to share the current status of your companies risk with colleagues via dynamic visualisations that communicate clearly the level of risk the company is currently exposed to. It is also very easy to generate reports to present to management.

Regulatory items you can track on a visual dashboard:

  • Financial and commercial records
  • Audit trails
  • Testing
  • Research compliance
  • Manufacturing batch numbers
  • Clinical trail reporting
  • Breaches or issues in relation to Government drug standards
  • Physician and patient sentiments


Safety monitoring is moving beyond the traditional approach of waiting for an issue to arise and then having to put out the fire. Get on top of risk before it threatens your companies reputation.

Data Visualisation is vital not only as a means of being more profitable, improving sales, getting a product to market faster but also for ensuring risk is monitored and reduced and regulatory requirements are being met.

Don’t just stay on top of safety and regulation; use it to your advantage. Turn your existing data into ‘Smart Data’ and generate actionable knowledge in an integrative, useful and easy to share way.


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