Visualisations are an invaluable tool for understanding your company’s data. You can easily share visual elements with colleagues but have you considered generating a narrative to highlight insights trapped in your data? The solution is Narrative Science.

Narrative Science

Narrative Science is an add-on for your existing Analytics Dashboard offering an advanced Neuro Linguistics Program (NLP). This program automatically creates a comprehensive narrative combining data analytics, natural language generation (NLG) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Evidence based narratives could bring you even more insight. For many people, language is more accessible than visualisations and it can point out precisely what is most important by describing the subtleties that cannot be easily seen in a chart.

Humans communicate both visually and with language. By integrating Narrative Science into your dashboard, you are covering both bases, ensuring that you can easily communicate insight to everyone within your company. An evidence based narrative may highlight growth or loss that is not immediately evident in a bar chart or pie graph. Small changes in data can be difficult to identify in a sea of visualisations.

Visualisations paint the picture and narratives tells the story.

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Narrative Science does not start with the data… it starts with intent. Intent drives the data. At the end of the day, we analyse data to better understand and tell the narratve of our businesses success or weakness.

This easy to use add-on uses interactive learning techniques to mimic how you describe and characterise concepts. It tracks the edits you make over time to build a set of language preferences. It learns your style of communicating. It also tracks what was said the last time and modifies the language to avoid sounding repetitive.

The story is the point, and communication drives analysis of the data. Instead of a report on the data, you can get a report on what the data means.
– Kris Hammond, Chief Scientist, Narrative Science

Narrative Science is a useful and affordable tool that can help you better identify insights of importance to your business. You can choose to have your narrative laid out as a paragraph or in bullet points. There are many layout and language preferences you can choose from to best align with your style of communication.

The amount of data we collect is increasing and so are the number of insights to be found. A paragraph and a few key bullet points can quickly tell a rich and complex narrative. Make sure you are getting the full story of your company data. Speak to Satsumas today to talk about how Narrative Sciences can help you understand your business better.

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