The Pharma industry is increasingly data intensive and more than 1000 pharmaceutical companies worldwide have already chosen to use the Business Intelligence (BI*) tool QlikView to overcome information deficit.

Applying data strategies can better inform decision-making, optimise innovation, improve efficiency of research/clinical trials and create value from new and existing data.

The Pharma industries data growth is generated from different sources: research & development, distribution, retail, investors, patients and caregivers.

Some examples of how better data management may benefit the Pharmaceutical industry:

  • Identify trends in research: enhance accessibility to data by consolidating research, allowing better analysis and identification of potential research candidates.
  • Improve clinical trial efficiencies: more data can be taken into account when identifying patients for inclusion in clinical trials. A larger volume of clinical factors can be analysed including medical, geographical, anecdotal and genetic factors to target specific patients reducing the cost, length and size of trials.
  • Real time monitoring of trial data: data can be collected in real time by staff, physicians and/or patients (either in-house or in remote locations) allowing faster analysis and identification of adverse clinical events.
  • Real time monitoring of sales: at any time sales and distribution data can be reviewed at primary, secondary and retail levels allowing more accurate forecasting of demand.
  • Increase turnover: real time identification of low productivity or profit with in the project, trial or company.

By implementing better access and analysis of data, Pharmaceutical companies can boost research and development innovation and efficiency. This could lead to better success rates of clinical trials and increase in pipeline efficiency.

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* Business intelligence (BI) is the set of tools and techniques used to transform raw data into meaningful and useful information for the purpose of business analysis.

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