Now that you know about the advantages that Dashboard Analytics and Business Intelligence can bring to your business, what’s next?

We have recently shown you how using an Analytics Dashboard can help you get to know your customers & staff better, improve your bottom line, budget better and cut costs and better manage risk. We want to help you make that happen. Let us turn your existing data into ‘Smart Data’ so we can generate actionable knowledge in an interactive, useful and easy to share way.

What is Smart Data?
Smart Data is data from which insights and patterns have been extracted by using intelligent algorithms. Collecting large amounts of numbers and statistics brings little insight without a layer of added intelligence… this is how Business Intelligence can answer your business questions.


  • Getting to know you: Satsumas get to know you and your business.
  • Develop: We develop a shared data discovery vision.
  • Framework: We send you a proposed framework of how your Dashboard could look and work.
  • Optimise: We workshop your frameworks to make sure we are meeting all of your Data Analytics needs.
  • Build: We build your Data Analytics Dashboard.
  • Trial run: We give key staff member’s access to your Dashboard for testing.
  • Optimise again: We work with your Dashboard testers to make sure it is optimised to suit your needs.
  • Rollout: The Dashboard is rolled out to all relevant staff members.
  • Training: If needed we can provide training or documentation to your staff to make sure they get the most out of your Analytics Dashboard.
  • Support: we provide ongoing customer support if needed.

We want to help you solve complex business problems with a simple Data Analytics solution. We’d like to show you how we can fulfil your data analytics and visualisation needs by turning your data into Smart Data.

Call us on 02 8212 5666 or email us now… we want to talk about your business. 


About Satsumas

We are focused on solving business problems where complex data is involved. We deliver business intelligence solutions using intuitive visualisations to support data driven decisions through data discovery and self-service analytics.

Satsumas have worked with financial, pharmaceutical, utility, retail and mining companies and understand the challenges you need to overcome.

To discuss your business intelligence needs call us on 02 8212 5666 or find out more about Satsumas.