What we do

Data Strategy

Data strategy is a road map to manage an organisation’s data assets. It provides reliable high-quality data that can be used to drive critical business decisions.

Actively managing data assets promotes ongoing confidence and allows a company to implement data based initiatives. It also enables a company to respond quickly to market changes and increases the chance of achieving planned business objectives.

To successfully execute a Data Strategy you first need to investigate what data is already available. Prioritising key business systems helps sharpen the attention and creates delivery focused outcomes.

Provisioning, collecting or acquiring additional data, bringing new data sets together with existing data sets, can identify new correlations and provide additional business insights.

Data Capture

Important business data is often stored with little thought of it’s value and maintained in simplistic tools such as Excel and Survey Monkey. Whilst these tools provide flexibility and speed, the accuracy, maintainability and security of the data can be compromised.

Modern development platforms now provide flexibility and speed of delivery. The creation of bespoke applications, providing reliable data to support your data driven business outcomes, is now simpler and faster than ever before.

Satsumas can develop applications to work with existing bespoke data sources, or facilitate creation of new sources, that will securely capture and control your data in a more robust and reliable way.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis is the process of examining, modelling and interpreting data to answer data related questions, test hypothesis and support the decision making process.

Data is often brought together from different sources, stored in different locations and it’s Satsumas ability to unpack the knowledge in your data that can make the difference in your business.

Data Analysis, without the context of business objectives, is limited. Satsumas Data Specialists (often called Business Analysts) bring a wealth of knowledge, a swag of sophisticated tools and a business focus to your Data Analysis needs.

Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation refers to the visual representation of Data Analysis. It is the means of communicating the knowledge gleaned from data. Visual objects such as graphs, images and maps are used to represent information in a useful and easily consumable way.

Visual dashboards can be delivered on the web or via a report and can be accessed on any device at any time. By using a well designed and visually appealing interactive dashboard, you can view your business from any angle.
Satsumas business focus and design centric approach delivers valuable solutions that improve usability and increases user adoption.

User Experience

User Experience (UX) is the key to creating an engaging and easy-to-use Data Analytics solution.

Including UX in your Business Intelligence project can mean the difference between a solution that no one uses and a solution that is so easy and simple to use ensuring it gets used every day. Applying the principles of UX design at every stage of your Data Analytics solution ensures that the right questions being asked, and that the people who need to use the solution will want to use it.

A user centred design approach will increase user adoption and engagement, improve usability, accessibility and productivity. Early investment in UX design will also reduce development costs, optimise ROI and support your Data Strategy.

Satsumas UX specialists can help you apply the UX process to your Business Intelligence project.

“Satsumas really understood what our needs were, they listened to us and they understood exactly what it was we were trying to achieve. They also worked closely with us every step of the way and were able to quickly come up with solutions  – particularly when dealing with issues arising from our old legacy data.”
– OneSteel