In the late 1980’s the University of New South Wales pioneered a scholarship course called Business Information Technology. Its aim was to bridge the gap between business and IT who traditionally struggled to get along. After completing a 3 year degree and 18 months of work experience in BIT I entered the workforce and have spent every day since then working on bridging the gap.

Amazingly over all those years the gap has only gotten bigger!  It has changed a lot over the years but the challenge is how to bridge it not to how to close it.

The crux of the challenge between the two camps today is speed. The business moves fast and cannot wait for IT to catch up. Traditional methods of running IT projects just don’t support the business. Enter agile methodologies which do, but somehow IT still remains a bottleneck to business success.


  1. Get started. Don’t talk about it,  don’t endlessly plan. Just get moving. Inactivity is a business killer. Remember only dead fish go with the flow!
  2. The 80/20 rule is your friend.  When it comes to data and assisting the business to make better decisions, 80% of the data will do.  The concern of getting the data right to 2 decimal places adds cost,  time and very little business value.
  3. Fail fast.  If something isn’t working, drop it and move on. Do not think you have to finish something to gain value. Learning what doesn’t work is as valuable as learning what does work.
  4. Build incrementally on quick wins. Don’t just stop at the quick win, build on it. Use it to continuously improve which is a very business focused way of thinking.

To help businesses bridge this gap I co-founded Satsumas with people who share the same passion.  I have been working with leading businesses all over the globe for the past 16 years to help both the business and IT work better together.  As a result, Satsumas have agile consulting processes, experienced technical and business consultants and a proven record of helping the business and IT work together collaboratively for success.

If your company has a gap, call Satsumas on (02) 8212 5666 for more information on how we can help you build a bridge.

About Satsumas

We are focused on solving business problems where complex data is involved. We deliver business intelligence solutions using intuitive visualisations to support data driven decisions through data discovery and self-service analytics.

Satsumas have worked with financial, pharmaceutical, utility, retail and mining companies and understand the challenges you need to overcome.

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